Artist Statement

The images I create are symbols of strength and diversity. As a mixed media painter, I use contemporary and traditional techniques. Combining spray paint, ink, and oil to make expressive marks. I paint women to represent strength. These are not portraits, rather symbols of expression. Women in my family have been very strong, positive role models for me. I always create with the purpose of having a body of work that is soulful and sophisticated.


I’m attracted to many types of flowers, often complex and colorful arrangements that I incorporate into my work. Botanicals are the most inspiring equivalent of diversity. This aspect reflects my cultural background. I admire the precision of botanical illustrations; however I work quickly in the developing stages. The pieces that I finish as abstracts are often created from a sense of true freedom in the studio.


Besides nature, the simple elegance of black and white typography is also intriguing. This contrast of design elements is my natural aesthetic. My work illuminates universal beauty. I invite every person, from all races and backgrounds to consider that there is more than meets the eye. Or in my case, more than meets the name.

Elevator Pitch

I paint symbols of strength, beauty, and diversity. My work is described as empowering, blissful, a smooth groove of neo-soul.


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