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Bondi Beach Australia


Steve lives in Bondi with the beautiful Karen and has two grown children. He is a qualified Physiotherapist with a very wide range of clinical experience in both the public and private sectors. Steve can be seen most mornings at his favourite beach Bronte where aside from having a dip or going for a surf, he practices the Tai Chi that he has been doing for about 40 years. He says that” it does not make you fit per se but it is very good for your general well being”. Oddly enough, Steve says that over 3000 studies on acupuncture have not been able to show any evidence that it is beneficial for any medical condition.” He says, ” I am a scientist, do not waste your money on it !”

In the mid nineties Steve attended the National Art School after taking up Life Drawing  a couple of years earlier. In his final year Steve won a major commission for 2m Sq painting in open competition among all students and was asked to do a second during the process. The 10k $ earned was a great push for his Art.

Eventually family and work commitments won out for about 20 years . Steve is now back full time doing what he does best..utilising his many creative talents. His best is yet and sure to come.

Artist Statement

I find doing art ( for me painting) the most difficult journey.It is a trek with many ups and downs. One false stroke, one poorly mixed shade, one accidental smudge.. is frustrating to say the least. However I enjoy the process.  To me it is necessary to push my work as far as i can, be different, be experimental and in a perverse kind of way I get great satisfaction from ‘bringing a work back from near ruin’ It is amazing that the end result is most times far better than originally contemplated. I have tackled most genres and media. I believe that I will be my best when I stick solely to abstract art. I believe that is where true originality and creativity lies.

Elevator Pitch

Currently i am doing a series of drawings with Ink Pens on OSB

They are different and strong due to the underlying material


Steve Way

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