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Summer Lydick knew from the tender age of two that she wanted to be an artist. The New Mexico-Louisiana native graduated from Texas State University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing, before journeying to Paris for a course at the Paris American Academy in 2003.

Lydick then settled in Southeast Texas to earn her Master of Arts in Painting at Lamar University in 2005. Determined to be a working artist, Lydick established her own decorative painting business, The Painted Wall, which allowed her to create large-scale public and private murals and extensive plaster finishes in Texas.

After 9 years as the creative director and chief artist at The Painted Wall, Lydick began offering private art lessons in her home, all the while maintaining an active presence on the art scene by participating in several regular group shows and solo exhibitions. She is also a longstanding member of the advisory board at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.

Originally an abstract painter, Lydick has found her true voice in her current body of work which centers on her fascination with color, pattern, and texture. Her work is gaining a strong following on social media, where Lydick also showcases her candid personality, humor, and unwavering encouragement. Wonderfilled magazine says the work is”a dose of wonder and inspiration”. Author Elizabeth Gilbert proclaims the paintings “beautiful”. Lydick is featured in private collections in New York, Miami, Paris, and all over Texas as well as the public collections of Lamar University and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.

Artist Statement

The beginning of any painting is always the most freeing moment. In the space of that stark white canvas lies pure potential! I begin my paintings with abstract expressionism techniques. I am a very kinetic thinker, so moving my body clears the brain and literally primes the pump for the creative process. I’m instinctually driven by color, repetitive patterns, and textures. Then I layer on colors and collage pieces or decorative elements that I source from my daily life. I keep a rotating stack of magazine and collage imagery that continuously guide and influence my work, much like a vision board. My work then becomes an editing process of weaving together the many layers of imagery, texture, and pattern. I like to be surprised by the results and stay open to the creative process without forcing a specific outcome.

Elevator Pitch

I combine my love of color, pattern, and texture to make bright paintings of circles, dots, and flowers bursting with energy and happiness. They radiate joy!


Summer Lydick- The Working Artist Team

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