At an early age Apuntaki (Álvaro San José) receives drawing and painting classes from his father, painter and architect, and begins to become passionate about the plastic expression, painting and drawing everything he saw. After making a career as an independent audiovisual filmaker, making several short films, documentaries, collaborating on various projects and working for different brands and companies, he decides in 2017 to stop and take a sabbatical year.
It is then when he returns to his passion for painting and begins to explore different techniques and ideas.
In 2018 the deep emotion that produces a picture of a lemon tree prompts him to consciously decide that he wants to develop a professional career as a painter. Right now he is in his studio in Barcelona painting his first painting collection: VEGETARE, which will soon come to light.

Artist Statement

«The reason is for me completely secondary; What I want to represent is what exists between the motive and me. »
Claude Monet

Moved by the spirit of the impressionists and after spending a year researching different pictorial techniques and various ideas, I decide to go out and simplify everything: I paint a lemon tree right in front of me.
The idea is, while I paint, to capture the relationship between the lemon tree and me, hence the frontality of the image.
Being able to relate so directly to that tree and the satisfying experience made me passionately wish to transmit that invisible and magical relationship to anyone who comes in contact with my painting.
This relationship extends to people, objects and spaces that inhabit my day to day, that makes me more present and alive. This attitude allows me to transcend suffering, the circumstance and to be embodying and expressing a value that inspires and celebrates life.

Elevator Pitch

My work it’s about the world surround us, the objets people and places we encounter in our every day life but we don’t pay attention. Painting it’s the most subversive art not because it’s subject but because the detention of the gaze, it’s the key to enter in the dimension of the Presence



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