Sue Greeff


Capetown. South Africa

Artist Statement

The background to my focus and interest in the female Reproductive Body, Biology and genetics is drawn through a personal history as a midwife, my pregnancies, births and subsequent raising of my children. All of these experiences have led me to a shifting and questioning of the latest breakthroughs in genetic science and technology as well as into a more recent exploration into patriarchy in relation to the female reproductive body.

The notion that the human specie through scientific engineering and sophisticated technology can alter molecular structures in embryos to create ‘designer babies’ brings along with it fears and fantasies of science fiction and modern day eugenics.

Some of my works speak about the female Reproductive Body as a commodity. With the growth of the in-vitro fertilization industry, banking of sperm and embryos, the demand for egg and sperm donors and the significance of heredity has resulted in the IVF industry being associated with test tube capitalists and big money spinning. The concerns raised around the exploitation of women’s bodies as a result are a subject for society worth considering. Using latex as one of the mediums that I work in not only speaks about sexuality but also alludes to the seductiveness of this largely ‘veiled’ industry.

My most recent works; largely oil on canvas, interrogate the notion of patriarchy in relation to the #MeToo Movement. Drawing inspiration from art historical references and iconography borrowed from the recent TV series that won a Golden Globe entitled ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, my visual language confronts the audience with questions around the silenced voice and anonymity of women in a world predicated on patriarchy.

My works and art practice are created to present a challenge to the viewer to consider not ‘what we want to become’ as a responsible society but rather, ‘what is it that we want to want?’.



Sue Greeff

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