Waxahachie, TX USA

Artist Statement

My art explores the peaceful escape from the modern madness we call normal. In today’s world, we spend our lives in constant motion. We bury ourselves in stress and daily routines. So focused on making a living, we forget to live. We fail to enjoy the journey. Life was not designed for such tediousness.
I skillfully modify my images, transforming them into complex, layered compositions hidden behind a simple idea. Every canvas tells a story, each story touches hearts. For each of us carries our own memoirs as we travel the road before us.
Every piece of art embarks on a journey. It starts as an idea in the mind of the artist and travels to its intended destination, transforming a house into a home. The complexity of my creative process is not always noticed.  From a distance my paintings are commonly mistaken for photographs. However, closer examination reveals the beauty of brushwork and the vibrancy of acrylic paint.
A fusion of old and new, I merge the digital world with the traditional. I explore the use of color, contrast and texture. Multiple underpaintings are merged together in subtle softness to create a one of a kind original.
Like an orchestra comprised of multiple instruments, my work harnesses the complexity of these many layers and presents a symphony of emotion, beauty, and purpose. The melody carried by the stories told are only experienced by those that take the time to listen. It is the viewer’s story that connects with mine and sparks an epic tale that touches the soul.

Elevator Pitch

I introduce warmth into the family home, inspiring hope, and sharing the dream of living life beyond just surviving.
My original hand painted art features inspiring imagery full of vivid color, rich texture and a subtle softness that draws they eye. The idea is to create a restful, relaxing, and enjoyable atmosphere to encourage a peaceful escape.
Although I have won several awards over the past few years, my true motivation is learning how my work has enhanced the homes of my collectors.
I simply want to improve the quality of people’s lives. It’s so easy to bury ourselves in the stress of daily routines. We get so busy trying to make a living, we forget to live. We should enjoy the journey. Life is way too short to get buried under all the details.
I’m now expanding my art into several bodies of work so that I can appeal to a greater number of art enthusiasts. I started with my peaceful landscapes, but now have created a collection of colorful abstracts as well. As an artist, I know it’s important for me to find my niche, but I believe that a creative person, like myself, should be encouraged to explore all of his interest and not limit himself to a single concept.  I have several other ideas that I hope to pursue in the future and I’m looking forward to seeing where my artistic exploration takes me.



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