Kristen Pobatschnig


Conway, NH, US


Kristen Pobatschnig is an abstract painter from New Hampshire and Maine. She is passionate about bridging the Arts with the Sciences, and is currently utilizing astro-imaging software in her painting process.  In 2017 she has recognized as one of the top 11 artists to watch in the state by New Hampshire Magazine. In May of 2017 she was commissioned for a public art installation at Settlers Green in North Conway, NH. In 2015 she began her Colors in Space clothing line which features reproductions of her paintings on garments as well as original hand-painted silk wear. In 2014 she co-founded the Femme Fatales of the North, to promote the presence of women artists by documenting their artistic endeavors, while pairing their work with the surrounding White Mountains.

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the colors in space; what can or can’t we see with our human vision? Visible light is a fraction of energy we see on the electromagnetic spectrum, which leads me to further explore the vast possibilities of cosmic representations.

I am passionate about bringing people closer to the Cosmos with my artwork. In a world where we are constantly being reminded of what separates and divides us as people, my mission is to bring people together by grounding them in Outer Space. I find when people can retreat their imaginations into the Cosmos, a shift in perspective occurs which evokes a solidarity with the Human Race.

I paint in an Abstract Expressionistic approach, with canvases horizontally on the floor, rarely using paintbrushes. Combining layers of pointillism and abstract expressionism, Seeing Space is meant to capture the expression of fleeting light and tranquility of mind and space.


Kristen Pobatschnig

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