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Born in Moncton, NB in 1982, Natalie Légère  started reading poetry, publishing and doing live art while in High School. She was poet laureate at the Canada Games in Newfoundland in 1999 and guest writer at Northrop Fry Festival In 2001. She had a painting in a group show at Université de Moncton in 2000 and consequently enrolled in painting the following year. While in school, she partipated in many live art shows, auctions, group shows and sold at the Moncton Farmers Market. She had her first solo show “Mandala” at the Moncton Public Library in 2005 and received her B.A. of Multidisciplinary Arts in 2008.


She started producing more works on paper in 2012, notably a large collection of “Abstract Mandala Landscapes” in pencil. She took continuing studies courses at the Université de Moncton in Drawing, Sculpture, and Photography and continues to take professional and technical development seminars. She paints and draws daily, lives and works in N.B, Canada.

Artist Statement

I am an abstract painter. I have been making Deconstructed Mandalas formally since 2001. Historically, similar constructs have been made, around the world, as symbols of divinity, sacredness and creation. I am very gestural in my mark making and the arch of the circle is naturally created by the movement of the arm or wrist.


Techniques I use include scraping, inserting found objects, using parts of the body to apply paint, découpage, writing words, weaving, and collage. I find that there is nothing better than making an abstract work and being able to say that it’s done because I am constantly trying to make it better.


I start my paintings in different ways. Sometimes a certain colour is calling me, sometimes it’s a concept. It may be a word, an image, an inner conflict, or a movement that I need to make. I choose the surface I’m going to work with. Then, I start mixing the colours, picking the paint brush, comparing it to the canvas, building anticipation and when I start knowing what I want to do, I just “go for it”. A big part of my job is to just do what I am inspired to do and not stand in my own way.


After I’ve made a few layers and let it dry, I come back and look at it. Sometimes, I have long periods where I just look at what’s happening in the studio. I look at one painting, I look at a series… Then, I work with what’s there or I go get what I need. This process is repeated over and over until images find a point of stability and completion.

Elevator Pitch

I make abstract mandala landscapes and deconstructed geometric grids.



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