Artist Statement

I am an abstract painter. I have been making Deconstructed Mandalas formally since 2001. Historically, similar constructs have been made, around the world, as symbols of divinity, sacredness and creation. I am very gestural in my mark making and the arch of the circle is naturally created by the movement of the arm or wrist.


Techniques I use include scraping, inserting found objects, using parts of the body to apply paint, découpage, writing words, weaving, and collage. I find that there is nothing better than making an abstract work and being able to say that it’s done because I am constantly trying to make it better.


I start my paintings in different ways. Sometimes a certain colour is calling me, sometimes it’s a concept. It may be a word, an image, an inner conflict, or a movement that I need to make. I choose the surface I’m going to work with. Then, I start mixing the colours, picking the paint brush, comparing it to the canvas, building anticipation and when I start knowing what I want to do, I just “go for it”. A big part of my job is to just do what I am inspired to do and not stand in my own way.


After I’ve made a few layers and let it dry, I come back and look at it. Sometimes, I have long periods where I just look at what’s happening in the studio. I look at one painting, I look at a series… Then, I work with what’s there or I go get what I need. This process is repeated over and over until images find a point of stability and completion.



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