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Born in Moncton, NB in 1982, Natalie started doing live art while in High School. She had a painting in a group show at Galerie d’Art de l’Université de Moncton (GAUM) in 2000 and enrolled shortly after. While in school, she partipated in many live art shows, auctions, group shows and sold at the Moncton Farmers Market. She had her first solo show “Mandala” at the Moncton Public Library in 2005 and received her B.A. of Multidisciplinary Arts in 2008.

In 2012, she started producing more works on paper, notably a large collection of “Abstract Mandala Landscapes” in pencil and also took continuing studies courses including sculpture, photography and drawing. She continues to perform live art regularly, creates Daily Mementos for her website:, paints and writes. She lives in Moncton, N.B.

Artist Statement

In my regular creative practice, I don‘t set out with an end result in mind. I collect the materials that appeal to me and when I work, I pull out what I want to use. When I start a painting, sometimes, I have a deep mental or emotional need to express or resolve something. Sometimes it’s a physical almost spiritual need to take a creative action.
I can start in different ways, sometimes a certain colour is calling me, a concept, a word, an image, a conflict, or a gestural movement. I start by looking at the surface I’m going to work on, and choose the colour or tool I’m going to use. Then, I wait until I know what to do, and how to do it. This develops the form and the content. After I’ve made my first attempt, I let it dry and settle and I might work on something else.
When I come back to it, I look at it, anew. Sometimes, I have long periods where I just look at what is happening in the studio, I look at one painting, I look at the group. Then I work with what is there, repeat the process until I find a point of stability. I usually finish paintings but sometimes they just don’t work out. To me, there is nothing better than making an abstract work and being able to say that it’s done because I am constantly trying to make it better.








I am a conceptual abstract artist. I have been making Mandalas for a long time, I made them as a child. Historically, similar constructs have been made, around the world, as symbols of divinity, humanity and creation. I have made most of my works using the circle, but I am working with other shapes.

I work in series, on multiple series at a time.  Some are short lived and some are longer standing. I make Daily Drawings to explore subconscious imagery and develop concepts.

I make Deconstructed Mandala Landscapes. I am currently exploring a version of hard-edge geometric grids, where I am integrating the plasticity of the medium, developing texture and layers of colour in patterns.

Elevator Pitch

I make abstract geometric grids and deconstructed mandala landscapes.



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