Michael Abbruzzese has 40 years experience in the construction industry.  Learning by working as an apprentice in trades such as; Carpentry, Concrete, Brick laying, Drywall, Tile setting, and Flooring.  Michael went into business for himself, over 30 years ago.  First working as a subcontractor alongside his employees, doing the carpentry portions of projects run by General Contractors.  Eventually, moving into the General Contracting position.  Still having his own employees doing the carpentry, while subcontracting and organizing the other trades necessary to complete the projects.
Successfully working in the construction industry, afforded Michael the resources to explore his passion for art.  He received a degree in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University, and has been following his passion for drawing and painting since.  Currently, Michael is working on private commissions while still maintaining his construction business.

Artist Statement


Fine Art tells a story without uttering a single word: it evokes emotion. From small gestures to dramatic actions, it is my intention as an artist to incite a reaction from my viewers. If you can identify with a piece, I have accomplished my goal.
My work is realistic in nature, and I work to communicate through what I see. The main goal of my work is not just a realistic depiction of the subject, but a thought-provoking display of their true character. In portraits, I focus on capturing the passion of the subject; I want their face to tell their story through expression. The position of the subject’s mouth, or the gaze in their eyes, are two small details that provide insight into someone’s character. I seek out the nuances which give the viewer an insight into emotion.


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