Born in Scotland in 1967, Mark Wallace began his art career in Graphic Design with more than 20 years in the commercial art arena working for a publisher, several small design agencies and as a corporate designer and artworker for a large global finance company. In his early 40s he has been drawn to touch screen apps which simulate visually, actual media types, and have given him the freedom to work where and when he feels inspired. This often includes trains and coffee shops where he spends over 2 hours of his day. The freedom to work in this way means that often spontaneous results are possible and many times his smart phone with its 3″ screen serves as a convenient canvas to paint or draw in many rich mediums.
His love of watching other artists in competitions like Landscape and portrait painter of the year has inspired him, and he joined the rich art community on Behance where he has gained a number of followers over recent months of sharing his work and following others who are an inspiration to him. In addition to this he enjoys writing and in January 2015 joined a newly formed local creative writing group called “the 300 words or less creative writing group” who meet monthly an collaborate to produce individual short stories and work on ongoing personal projects.
He has recently received a commission from an old colleague, and produced a pair of waterfall paintings which have been well received and have spurred him to accept another commission to contribute drawings to a book of 12 tooth fairy poems, which will are in progress.

Artist Statement

I have a deep love of the sea and this spurred me to start painting coastlines and the sea’s interaction with the land. The world beneath the waves had always fascinated me so I’ve explored this realm too and some of its inhabitants. Working in London for over a decade has inspired me to create my own cityscapes which are versions of the city and others as I see them in my mind.

The place I was born and where I grew up were very different. Our family moved when I was very young from the north of Scotland to the wild beauty of Africa, where I spent my childhood in a place largely unspoilt and rich in culture. Much of my work comes from these places and is mostly representative of memories and surreal versions of landscapes.

I have produced a number of paintings and drawings since 2008. Something changed in 2014 with the emotional upheaval caused by the end of a three year relationship, I painted a great deal that year and the next and have continued to paint constantly since, though my work since 2016 has been more experimental and less prolific. I am continuously developing my style in several directions which has been tremendously satisfying.



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