Mary E Morgan Bio 2018

Mary Estep Morgan is a hard working and ambitious woman.  Simultaneously she raised a family of three children, taught school full time for 30 years and still finished graduate school at the age of 52 with her MA.
Her major childhood external influences are combined geographical locations where she lived as a child. They included Fort Worth Texas where she saw the beautiful Texas sunsets and at an early age tried to paint them from her front porch. At the age of ten she lived in Cali, Colombia and at eighteen she lived in Zurich, Switzerland, two very different terrains yet, the diverse locations had significant impacts upon her. Her internal influences began in her home where her father was a scholar and taught at a local seminary and her mother a teacher yet did not teach while the children were young.  Mary was the middle child and did not experience the joy of painting until her senior year in high school when she attended the International School of Zurich and took an art class for the very first time.  She recognizes that her exposure to Europe and European art was significant in later years. After attending a local junior college she attended Baylor University graduating in the fall of 1972 with a BS degree. She majored in Physical Education and minored in Art with a secondary teaching certificate.  Although she long to continue to learn more about art and painting in particular the opportunity to do so was not an option after she married.  It was not until she moved to Dallas where she and her husband took jobs teaching at Trinity Christian Academy that she finally had the opportunity to grow and develop as an art teacher.  TCA was where she gained outstanding training from art department heads and was able to go back to school to get her master degree. In order to do this she leveled at a local community college to meet the University’s requirements for graduate school. On the home front her sons had graduated from High School and were on their own journeys’ in college.  They both attended the United States Air Force Academy where they played football.  Mary and her husband spent as much time as possible through the sons combined six-year tenure following their teams.  The landscape once again became a large influence on Mary as she was finishing her prospectus in graduate school; the colors and grandeur of the Colorado landscape gave her the motivation to complete her portfolio. After Mary graduated she was asked to teach at a local university as an adjunct professor as she continued her full time high school teaching position as an art department chair. It was during her tenure as a professor that allowed her growth and development as a painter that actually enabled her to begin a serious artist’s journey. Although her work continually gained strength her time was limited. It was not until Mary’s retirement that allowed her to obtain a studio that gave her ample time to concentrate as an artist.  It has been during the last two years that her development has undergone significant growth.  She usually spends 8 to 10 hours in her studio weekly. Her abstract expressionist style finds her natural mark the vehicle for telling her stories. She uses colors that are often predetermined representing what she feels.  Often the spontaneous feel and look of her work seems simple, but it has been a laborious process.  It is what Helen Frankenthaler called a “mixed of conscious and subconscious thought” Mary hopes that the viewer has an emotional connection and response; perhaps taking away something new from viewing her work.

One of Mary’s favorite places to show her work was in Istanbul summer 2004.  She has a solo show and her artwork found new homes in various places totally unknown to Mary.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2018

My influence as an abstract expressionist artist is continually impacted by my life’s journey. Teaching art as a part of that journey was significant as I researched many artists in order to be prepared to teach. This research simultaneously affected my own stylistic decisions as I finalized my graduate level education.
My artwork continues to evolve through the lens of my emotional and intellectual response to life’s experiences. The product is a reflection of the enmeshment of inner world experiences, the soul that holds all the intangible spiritual values and outer world influence, a broad spectrum; meaning, nature, people and literature. What I do in my studio is a daily process I call a “vital creative activity”.  It stems from what Kandinsky said is an “inner necessity”
My work is 2-D on canvas or paper.  Sometimes I use mixed media to communicate a particular theme; mostly I use acrylic and oil and often I combine these materials. Because I am inspired by the colors of nature, my work is colorful.
After teaching for over 30 years I have learned that knowledge impedes progress and progress comes through hard work and consistency. It is always exciting to see what the next painting will be. Therefore, I am always expecting the unexpected to unfold in my work; I embrace the future for its mysterious unknown path that keeps me focused and challenges my creative options.

Mary E. Morgan

Elevator Pitch

My emotionally charged abstract expressionist art is externally and internally influenced; it leans itself for personal interpretation.



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