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Devon, UK


Born in Surrey, England in 1973 Kirsteen Titchener is a self-taught photographic artist.  Using digital editing techniques to combine multiple photographs allows images to go beyond what can be created in a single traditional photograph. Drawing heavily on a background in psychology images often reflect the depth and fragility of human emotions.


Kirsteen’s work has received international recognition receiving nominations and honorable mentions for several prestigious photography awards including runner up in The Societies Pictorial & Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2016. Her work has been featured in the Royal Photographic Society Visual Art magazine as well as appearing on the cover.

Artist Statement

My photographic art is strongly influenced by a fascination with human nature, decades working in the field of psychology and close observation of my own emotions. Often my work examines just one aspect of human nature or emotion at a time. In my most recent work, The Missing Series, each image begins as a self-portrait. While there is a clearly recognisable human element to the final photograph I use digital manipulation to remove some significant pieces the viewer might expect to see. The removal of the ‘self’ is then replaced by a component that represents what it is to be human. This serves to strip away some of the features we instinctively focus on in our everyday interactions.


The combination of photography and digital manipulation offers a way to create a new image that is not captured via one shutter press. I do not hide from the fact that my work is manipulated instead seeing it as an important feature of the work. It allows me to break the rules and create impossible images that still appear somehow plausible. Elements that we inherently understand as necessary in our everyday visual reality, such as perspective and direction of light, are maintained to create a believable photograph.


Kirsteen Titchener

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