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Stockholm, Sweden


Magdalena Borkowska was born in Warsaw, Poland. Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.
The whole adventure with art began one beautiful, gray and cloudy autumn day when she was 17 years old. As she was walking down the streets in Warsaw one painting hanging in the art gallery window caught her attention. The painting affected her so strongly that she knew that in some point in her life she would be an artist and that art would fill her life.

During the years, as she lived in Stockholm, she studied hypnosis, psychosynthesis, healing, meditation, multidimension psychology and even remote viewing and clairvoyance to understand the human mind and to finally work as a therapist. In this period art was more as a hobby but the memory of the painting in the gallery window was still alive. 1997 she went back to Warsaw to study at Art Academy and 1998 she studied under the supervision of an adjunct professor Wlodzimierz Szymanski at the Academy.
It wasn’t until 2010 when she chose to totally focus on art. After that decision she has several successful exhibitions both solo and group exhibitions behind her. Her work is included in several private collections throughout the country and outside. In 2012 La Tribuna, the newspaper in Chile wrote the article about her and the artwork she makes. Between 2014 and 2016 she studied photography, digital art and graphic illustration at the NTI School and Folkuniversitet in Stockholm to expand her knowledge and the way of expressing herself. She also won a photo contest organized by NTI School.

Artist Statement

I paint because it is an inner compulsion, a constant need and never-ending adventure of exploring the self and the creativity. This is what drives me. I paint because through painting I can literary turn the inside out and expose myself.
I am fascinated by everything that is abstract, hidden, secret, mysterious, surreal and invisible as I am by the subconscious mind, the higher self and all the dimensions within us. But I am also fascinated by animals and our incredible nature with all the colors it offers. All that inspires me. I see every painting as a story that wants to be told, that is why every painting is a process that the conscious mind doesn’t have much power to affect. The head doesn’t run the show. Every painting is a surprise, an untold tale until it is done. I feel at home in the world of abstract, here is where I live. The beauty of the world of matter gives me what I need, and my challenge is to bring those two realities together.
I always seek for what is beautiful, for what feels like a lovely poetry or a soothing sound of nature and this is what I want to express in my paintings. I believe that beauty is like a cricket’s song which touches the soul and fills it with a little bit of heaven.

I usually paint on canvas. I use mostly oil paint and brushes, but I also experiment with mixed media and various tools to achieve the desired result. Some of my paintings requires very, thorough, time consuming and detailed work and some of them are painted using action painting technique. I aim to create different series to tell new stories.
In photography I discovered the whole new world and the new way of expressing myself. Taking pictures opened my eyes for details around me I that I didn’t noticed before and it helped me to expand my creativity. I like to photograph close to the object because it gives sense of intimacy. Then I strive to create surreal effects by manipulating photos and working with layers.

My teacher ones told me when he looked at my paintings:
-You have too many stiles, it’s too many of you. You have to choose one and stick to it!
And I answered:
-No, you stick to one and I WILL BE ALL I AM!


Magdalena Borkowska

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