Jeff Williamson


New York City

Artist Statement


What I like about the work I’m doing now is how it appears to continue in the tradition of painting and collage while exploiting the infinite power of the digital. When I look at my work, I see the influence of the Constructivists, the Cubists, Pollack, and psychedelic art of the sixties. I see hints of Mark Strand and contemporary figures like Mark Bradford. What I and many who have spent time looking at my work see are the many isolated features of a particular building, place or object from different perspectives all at once. Sometimes when I turn away after spending an hour or two working on a particular image, I experience a sense of seeing the world around me anew, as if my eyes have been sharpened. Colors are brighter, shapes more defined, natural and manmade interact in a vibrant dance of light or energy. There’s a sense of our world as permanent, material, and illusory all at once. It’s a process that continues to evolve as I become aware of subtle changes in the way I  approach each new image, and how I continue to see new things in streets I’ve walked down thousands of times before.

Jeff Williamson

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