maralo (alois maringer)


Cape Town , South Africa


Trough the training as an Interior Designer, maralo realized his passion for creating something new, as well as his love for painting and drawing. In abstract/contemporary art he found the right direction for him to express his fantasies.

2011, maralo started painting more seriously. Soon after that, he realized his calling was to pursue his art full time and since he retired in March 2015, he now enjoys putting his full concentration into his passion.

Maralo studied abstract art under well-known South African abstract artist Leonie Brown.

With color and form he wants to create paintings with psychological and sociological background, which can be interpreted by the viewer in an individual way.

American abstract artist, teacher and author, Dean Nimmer commented on his work : I find the abstract work intriguing and unique and I would say, stay on the track you are on, because it’s looking very good.

In spite of his short career as an artist painter, maralo’s work is already included in private collections in Germany, Austria and South Africa.

Artist Statement

As an Interior Designer I always felt the spirit of a home comes to life with the decorative elements which individuals choose to place in their surroundings. An intimate emotional connection comes alive between the artwork and yourself.

Abstract art allows me to capture emotions and yet there is a mysterious side which remains within. I want my paintings to be a source of thoughts, but also to be a decorative enrichment of your home.


maralo (alois maringer)

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