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Nancy’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood. Born in the 1950’s in Erie, Pennsylvania, Nancy showed an aptitude for art from an early age, especially inspired by a friend and Master Artist. Little did she know that going down this path would lead to the Southwest, where for more than 40 years her love of the outdoors led to the development of her main signature theme: Nature.

From living in Arizona, to three small cities across Utah and areas of California, Nancy managed careers as an artist, legal secretary and mother.

Relentlessly curious Nancy channeled her considerable energy into life long studies of the American Southwest landscapes and animals. Nancy maintains an active presence in the art scene by participating in several regular group shows and solo exhibitions. She is currently continuing her stuies under the direction of both American and foreign Master Artists. Nancy creates her pieces from a large easel at home and plein air painting outdoors. Her work is included in several local and private collections throughout the world: New York, South Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, Egypt, Iraq and Puerto Rico. Those who have chosen to personally enjoy a collection of her art speak of it as, “Beautiful”, “Touching”, “Love this painting”, “A wonderful evocative study by a talented artist” and “I want to bring this home.” Articles were published in newspapers about Nancy’s work and her enjoyment in teaching others. She is a longstanding member of the Payson Art League, preparing a body of work for future exhibitions.

Artist Statement

As an artist I take inspiration from what I find during explorations such as Indian ruins, the open landscape in the Southwest, long rolling country dirt roads disappearing into the distance or wild animals nearby. Each scene conveys a sense of peace and solitude I feel, while my use of compositional elements convey the intense beauty in the world I see around me. After many years enjoying the beautiful outdoors, it has become a part of me and spontaneously inspires me to paint and sketch in a variety of medium. From details of animals and other natural items, to strongly lit forms, the nuances of reflected light are a common focus for me. These contrasting elements come together in my work to evoke the feeling that one has entered into a scene in which time has passed.


Nancy Frost

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