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Pretoria, South Africa


Dieter Marzinger was born in 1971 in a small town by the name of Piet-Retief in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Dieter was always fond of build things with his hands and drawing would keep him entertained as a child.
In 1988 one of Dieters paintings was entered into a regional art competition held by the Everard Read Gallery where he was awarded first price, a full scholarship to study any art field of his choice. Coming from a conservative German family where he was advised from an early age not to become an artist because they are weird, stupid and poor, he decided to rather complete his military conscription and then seek a profession as a martial arts instructor.

In 2002, at the prime of his career, Dieter broke his neck in a diving accident which rendered him a quadriplegic, lame from his shoulders down. His mother in law inspired him to try painting with his mouth and a year later he was accepted as a student member in the well-known Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) in Lichtenstein.

Dieter is a self-taught artist that prefers oil paint on stretched canvas as a medium. He held his first solo exhibition in 2006 and has done another 2 since.
In 2014 he met artist Jess Anderson from Oregon in the USA, under his mentorship Dieter was promoted to Associate Member of AMFPA.

Dieter boasts having many of his artworks in private collections in his native South Africa and in international countries like USA, Australia, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Cyprus and most recently Israel.

Artist Statement

My name is Dieter Marzinger, I am a quadriplegic and I paint with my mouth.
I am inspired by animals and nature mostly but also find the female form fascinating. Oil paint on stretched canvas  is my preferred medium.
Being severely disabled makes me dependant on a caregiver 24h a day, I need to ask for help on virtually anything you can imagine but once my canvas is on my easel, the paint is on my pallet and a brush is placed in my mouth I enter a different world where I become able and to a large degree independent.
Creativity is a great playground where I can momentarily escape to and most importantly it allows me to create. To a very large extent painting is my identity.
My hope is that my work has an impact on people, whether it be amazement, inspiration or plain appreciation.

Dieter Marzinger

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