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Danielle Frederick is a New York City-based artist, who is both an accomplished painter and a skilled draftswoman, inspired by the sketches of the old masters such as JMW Turner and Hudson River School of Art originals. A self-taught artist, she has been mentored by well-known painters from the Hudson Valley (such as Athena Billias, Vee Gutherie & Patti Ferrara). She has earned accolades for her works in graphite & watercolor.

As a serious environmentalist, who cares deeply for the preservation of nature, the Catskill Mountain region has always provided her with a broad range of subjects. Therefore, allowing her to combine her love of both art and nature. She has donated her works and portions of her sales to Catskill causes such as Scenic Hudson and was a longtime member of the Greene County Council on the Arts.

She was the recipient of the “Best in Show 2008 Artist Recognition Award” at Twilight Park in Haines Falls, NY. As is traditional with the Twilight Park Show, the following year her work appeared on the Program Cover, a collector’s item in high demand for her autograph. Her work has been featured by WMHT- PBS TV during pledge drives and published in magazines and newsletters.

Currently, she continues her ongoing message of environmental preservation with a series of oil paintings known as “The Miraculous Swamp”.



Artist Statement

“ I consider myself both a Landscape Artist and an Environmentalist. I am a realist and paint actual places that are still beautiful & wild.  The fragile beauty of our natural environment needs to be protected from destruction and overdevelopment now more than ever. Through my art I hope to raise awareness in others as to just how precious these natural settings are and how they nourish us spiritually and esthetically.

Elevator Pitch

“I am a Landscape Artist & an Environmentalist…I am a realist. I paint actual places that are still beautiful & wild.”



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