Antonella Sigismondi – (Coochie Mondi)


Pescara, Italy.


Antonella Sigismondi, born in Pescara, Italy in 1967, is an multi-disciplinary artist. At 2 months old she moved to Canada with her opera-singing parents and her sister, Floria.  Her parents sang opera which opened up the world of make believe! She began studying drawing, anatomy and shading at the young age of 6 with Hungarian-Canadian artist Tibor Nyilasi in exchange for her father’s singing lessons.


In 1986 she applied to OCAD in Toronto, but was denied entry because they didn’t believe she had made the bust of her mother she had brought with her.  When enrolled the following year She studied Glass, painting, foundry and pastels from 1987-1991, specializing in Glass and Experimental Painting winning her several awards as a painter and sculptor. She studied with artists Karl Schantz and Colette Whiten. Very active in Toronto, LA and NY , her metal-glass sculptures and paintings are in many have been exhibited in prestigious buildings and private collections like world renowned music producer, Daniel Lanois,  “The Partner’s Film Company, owner, Don McLean and the Hamilton Spectator Showroom.  In different artistic professional roles Sigismondi has worked for David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, The Cure (rock band), Faith Hill, and Lisa dalBello, Lisa Mann, Don Allen and her sister Floria Sigismondi. She studied acting at Ryerson University in 1991 also taking courses in Toronto, NY and LA.  She starred with actress Kristen Stewart (“The Runaways”), and in film production “Naked Til Night” – nominated for best film at the Flagstaff Festival in Germany, and for various commercials like Dusk TV and BravoTV. Her work has also won best art-direction for commercials and short films.


Loving nature as as she does, in 2010 she moved to Italy where she now resides in the countryside of Pescara.  In 2013 she partook in “CORPO;Estraneo/Straniero,” curated by Sibilla Panerai and Ivan D’Alberto showing her short film, “Coochie Mama”.


Exhibiting in Italy in 2016, for the first time at the Museum d’Arte Moderna V. Colonna (Pescara ) her three new painting collections:  “the Woman”, “the Spirit ” and “Coochie”.


‘’I’m inspired by; people, theatre, nature, architecture, The Avant Garde Cinema, and artists: Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Egon Schiele, Edgar Degas, Hans Hoffman, Frank Stella and Frank Gehry, The use of glitter and metallic paint allows me to unleash the interior light of my subjects, all in pop style.”

Artist Statement

I use my emotions to paint. It’s important for me to express the essence and strength of life through my works, showing movement, emotion and energy.   A lot of the detail of my paintings come out subconsciously.  I like to leave room to explore and discover as I paint.   I like to think that among us all, there is a human connection; that each of us are linked to a cosmic whole, like creating a symbiotic relationship with our surrounding reality. My colorful style is reminiscent of impressionism with a modern twist. The technical approach of my aggressive strokes serve to express movement, and depict our inner strength. I’m inspired by; people, theatre, nature, and The Avant Garde Cinema. The use of glitter and metallic paint allows me to unleash the interior light of my subjects, all in pop style.

Antonella Sigismondi - (Coochie Mondi)

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