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Cherilynn Wood is an artist from the Midwest whose work deals with the complexities of our human consciousness and emotions through abstract mixed media pastel paintings. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She studied fine art and photography at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Having exhibited in many shows and art fairs over the years, she has won numberous awards. Her work can be found in corporate businesses as well as private collections all over the Unitied States and Internationally. In addition to being a fine art painter, she is a successful picture framer and art conservationist. She currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband, who is also an artist, and their rescue dog, Nana.

Artist Statement

As an artist I am constantly observing the world around me, the crisp fallen leaves in Autumn against the bright blue sky, the urban landscape of buildings juxtaposed with the green trees, the colors at a fruit market. The world is filled with the interlacing of colors and we are continually reacting to them. While others might easily dismiss this interaction, I am energized by the relationships of color, texture, line and composition and our relationships to them.
These observations are an integral part of my series of pastel mixed media paintings called “Essence”. Each piece is created through the interlacing of colors, textures and line work in a very intuitive manner. My work brings focus to the subtle nuance of color shifts or the complete tension created from pushing complementary colors. I begin with thin layers of watercolor and acrylic paints, creating a compositional element. Once dry, layers are built with charcoal, acrylic and pastel mediums and then finally pastel; each color and compositional element reacting and interacting to the ones before.
My focus is on the process, the interlacing of spontaneous intuitive mark making and very careful intention. It is through the layering of media, a dialog is created between the artist, the painting and the viewer. Using the formal elements of painting as inspiration, I want to evoke atmosphere, mood and feeling that resonates with both the artist and the viewer. It is a conversation where the past and present merge from a sense of universal memory transformed through time and space.


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