2017 Acrylic on Canvas 76 x 76cm

Growth through Healing is my interpretive painting of someone I admire and find inspirational for her stoic growth.

Jacqui lives with pain constantly at her door; yet pushes herself to improve both her life and those of her clients in her Remedial Massage practice.

To this end she has been slowly putting herself through Uni towards a degree in Exercise Physiology. I find it inspiring to see her revel in learning and in this achievement.

For the painting, I asked Jacqui to show me her favourite textbook and she suggested we go outside. She sat at her rough hewn ‘Flintstones’ table – embarrassed at the attention, but relaxing a bit as I circled around taking photos and speaking of the pride she must feel at her ongoing achievements.

You see her delighting in the textbook with many bookmarks; at the second-hand table she sanded and coated many times; gently held in pictorial place by garden as a kind of hammock.

You might see some of the foliage echoes her dreadlocks. You might also notice her continued growth as a person reflected in bands on the palms and rings on the wooden table – and that the setting illustrates her connection to the natural world.

Jennifer Harris (artofjenniferharris)

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