2017 Acrylic on Canvas 76 x 76cm

Be Yourself is a painted analogy for finding our own place in the world. We are all created from the same materials, but thrive in different ways – be it in solitary spaces or in solidarity with others.

You might notice that the small wonky blown glass bottle stands alone, yet has a quirky, radiant presence somehow taking up additional space. A correlation for quiet, creative people who bloom when left alone to come up with their best work.

The blue bottles are equally made of glass, but are tall, beautiful and manufactured just so. Each one born powerful; their presence amplified as a group – unifying and gregarious. You might see their collective heartbeat spiking and flowing like an ECG. Their dominant joined shadow spills out over the frame. They do best when working together, without silence.

Something to reflect on…

Jennifer Harris (artofjenniferharris)

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