Artist Statement

I have always been in love with color.  Standing at an easel, brush in hand, paint on palette, is heaven on earth to me.
I love to capture the dance of light in my paintings.  It’s through this that a positive emotion or a magical moment, such as a beautiful bird landing on a branch, can be recorded and enjoyed.  If my paintings can bring a moment of joy and respite from the struggles of life, then my time has been well spent.
I love that my paintings have been collected in most of the 50 states.  That I am doing something that others can connect with, and that brings a positive vibe to their lives, means everything to me.
Oil paint is my medium of choice and I love everything about it.   The dexterity with which it can be used, thick or thin, soft or rough, is part of the thrill.   I start my paintings with a transparent under-painting and build layer after layer until ending with a final coat of thick expressive paint.  This allows me to create paintings with an emotional tug to the heart.   I prefer to paint farm animals, birds and children as I find them transparent and genuine.
I have studied with a variety of artists that I admire:   Charles Peer, Kim Casebeer, Desmond O’Hagan, Dreama Perry, Nancy Medina, Cheri Christenson, Haidee-Jo Summers, Josie Fitzgerald, Susan Edgemon, Tania Knudsen and many others.  These generous artists have been my mentors and inspiration. I am a daily painter and a full time artist working out of my studio in Siloam Springs, Ar.  I was born in Oklahoma, on a farm and am certain that my love of nature, animals and garden beauty was born there as well.
There is no fancy agenda for my art, it simply must be done.  It’s always from the heart and somehow meaningful for me.
As I am new to the “business of art” only a few years in, my shows have been comprised of local galleries and venues.  My first solo show was at Lokalen Frame Shop in Siloam Springs, This spring, I was blessed enough to be invited for a solo at the Art Emporium in Fayetteville .  Some of my work is hanging at Two25 Gallery and Wine Bar in Bentonville and at 1909 in Grove Oklahoma.
Simply put, my goal is always to paint colorful, expressive, light filled art.



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