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mike byrnes

First, 2 disclaimers:

1. I’m not an artist

2. I don’t know if the term, elevator pitch, is used differently by artist entrepreneurs than by business entrepreneurs.

In my experience as a mentor to business entrepreneurs, an elevator pitch is used as an introduction that (if successful) results in the listener asking for more information. It’s an ice breaker that transitions into a conversation.

Business entrepreneurs believe that the best way to trigger the “tell me more” response is to declare yourself able to solve a particular problem that your customers want solved.

If I were an artist drafting my elevator pitch, I’d start with something like: “I help people to see … ” or “I have developed techniques to expose … ” or “I open my customers to …” etc.

Ash Maurya advises entrepreneurs to “Love the problem, not your solution.” Don’t limit yourself to your current solution. Don’t become a one trick pony. Seek problems that need solving and create new solutions as needed.

It seems to me that visual artists help the rest of us to discover and be released from the limitations that constrain the way we see the world.

If you pitched me that you liberate people like me from such constraints, I’d ABSOLUTELY want to know more.