The Working Artist’s Art Fair Essentials

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Art fairs breed strong artist communities.

Over the years, I've met so many wonderful, creative artists who are doing really interesting work at art fairs.

Even if you don't have any plans to exhibit in an art fair yourself, I urge you to learn more about them and to visit art fairs whenever you get the opportunity. You will always find something there to grow from.

What You'll Learn in The Working Artist's Art Fair Essentials:

  • why artists participate in art fairs
  • where to find the best art fairs
  • how to research fairs to learn if they're right for you
  • the difference between juried and non juried shows
  • questions to ask yourself about art fairs that you're interested in
  • maneuvering the application process
  • preparing for the fair
  • how to set up your booth and displays
  • best ways to promote yourself before, during and after the fair
  • tips for interacting effortlessly with people who come into your booth
  • and the most important part of the art fair, the follow up.