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Next call: August 13th, 2020

If you have a question, do call in and ask Crista yourself.

If you can’t make the call, write your question in the comment field below (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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– Please do not use this page to respond to other artists’ questions.
– If you are currently taking the course, only ask questions that we have covered. Jumping ahead will only confuse you.
– If you cannot find your local time in Greenwich Meantime, Google is your friend!

After the call we will post a link to a recording of the conversation on the Recordings Page.

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-When you are ready to ask Crista your question, hit *6 on your dialpad.

If you are unable to make the call, please post your question in the comment field below:

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  1. Clyde Finlay

    Hi Crista.

    Sorry I could not be at this working artist call today. But I found last week quite motivational for me and got me moving forward with a JUMP! I’ll send you a quick message this week coming in how our call influenced me to write about your enthusiasm, while encouraging me to follow through with my position as an artist during this pandemic!

    Thanks, Crista.

    Clyde D. Finlay

  2. majie lavergne

    Hi Crista,

    I hope you are well.
    Last time we saw each other was at the Art Expo in New York two or three years ago.
    My question is: Which artist-website (such as would you recommend to join?



  3. France

    Hi Crista,
    I hope you are well.
    I used to work in the music biz, so I know that there is an organised system in place for musicians to legally register and protect their works (like SACEM in France, ASCAP & BMI in the US, SOCAN in Canada, etc.) and collect royalties on their works. Is there anything like this for artists? (Judging by the lack of payment to artists when their works get sold for millions at auctions, I’m assuming not, but maybe I’m wrong. ) I realise that there is copyright law to cover in the case of fraud, but that seems “after-the-fact” only and there are no royalties payable like there is for music. Or have I missed something?

  4. Tracy McLachlan

    Hello Crista,

    Thanks for the chance to ask a question ahead of time as I’m unable to participate in the upcoming coaching call.

    I’m working on getting my Working Artist Kit ready and have a couple of questions regarding the portfolio part of the kit:

    1. For a printed portfolio, what is the ideal number of images printed on each page and should there be a short statement with each image documenting the story behind the work?

    2. For an emailed portfolio (or one on a disk, flash drive, etc.), would each image be included as a separate file or would they be in a grouping in one file (and what type of file)? Would I include a statement documenting the story behind the work and if yes, where would this be documented.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions and I look forward to hearing the archived coaching call.


  5. Maggi MIller

    Hi! I’m sorry I have to miss the call. I appreciate you sharing our questions and responding to them. I have learned to anticipate issues I might not have known about otherwise. My question has to do with LinkedIn. My career has not been in the art world and I have an active LinkedIn account that focuses on my work as an Educator and Consultant. But now I am semi-retired from that work and I’m more interested in building relationships in the art world. I am considering taking down my current LinkedIn site even though I occasionally get some work from it. I’m interested in your advice about this. Should I start over with a new site? Do you know if it’s even possible to have two sites with different purposes? Thank you!

  6. Vicki Affatati

    Hi Christa,
    I have a question and I won’t be able to connect with you on the phone. I am really learning a lot from your class.

    I have been working as an artist (mostly teaching art, doing community art projects, painting signs and murals), but occasionally selling artwork , always in small town rural America with an audience that comes to community shows or small local galleries. My artwork seems to always sell for the same amount over all these 30 years, between $300 small paintings, mid-size around $ 500-600 – larger around $1000, but because it seemed logical that it should be going up I sometimes price things higher (and they haven’t sold).

    After I heard you say in the class not to shift prices up and down, I began to wonder what to do since I have already done that! –So now what?

    I am not consistently producing individual work for sale nor have I been organized about putting new paintings in the small local gallery I am in here (she doesn’t want many), but I have many unframed drawings and paintings that I would like to get out into the world and hoping my website could be part of that goal. Currently, from the suggestions from your class, I am making adjustments on my website and plan to get better pictures, price my art, and create a “store.”

    What to do about the fact that my pricing has not been consistent and how do I deal with prices that are on things in the local gallery? Do I match what the gallery owner is asking for? What about unframed paintings, and un-matted pastel drawings? Is there a way to sell them?

  7. Melissa Flattery

    I’ve recently converted my Instagram account into a business account and I’ve tried to pay Instagram twice now to promote two posts but Instagram just says “Your promotion is in review” after weeks. Any ideas why they aren’t promoting my posts? Has anyone else had this problem?

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