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"I sold 52 paintings in the first six months after completing The Working Artist. I continue to refer to it today for both information and inspiration.”  - Ceridwen Jane Gray,

The Working Artist will transform your career.

You struggle to sell your artwork. You’re anxious to get into the best galleries but fear you don’t have the right credentials or contacts. You’re jealous of your colleagues. You’re afraid that time is passing and you’ll never achieve the success you desire.

What’s wrong with this picture?

These beliefs are limiting and don’t serve you. It’s the fears and uncertainty that hold you back, but  knowledge and action can catapult you forward. Are you ready?

I truly believe that this is your time – if you believe it too.

My gift lies in empowering artists like you to gain the clarity, direction, and focus to transform your art-making practice into an authentic and rewarding career. You can have sell-out shows, have work collected by museums, and draw a faithful collector base. This is an incredible time to be an artist!

"99% of the artists I know should take this course." - James Robischon, Robischon Art Gallery, Denver. 

I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve spent my career in the art business, personally selling over $10 million worth of art - with an average price point of $2500. That’s a lot of art! I’ve sold art to international galleries and collectors and I’ve place work nearly every major collection in the USA.

In this program, I share the truth about how the art business really works, everything I know and every secret I’ve learned. I show you exactly what it takes to thrive as a working artist.

Because the bottom line is: I’ve done it.

I’m doing it now. I’ve trained others to do it. And if you do the work, you can do it too.


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The Working Artist is a different kind of workshop. It's easy-to use and was created with the "artist brain" in mind.

The next session begins November 16th and runs 5 weeks. The course is comprised of five 30-minute chapters plus free surprise bonus programs, coaching calls, interactive workbooks, and access to the exclusive Working Artist Network.

The Working Artist is chock full of actionable steps, not just a push in the right direction. You'll get specific strategies and fresh ideas that you can implement right now along with plenty of ah-ha moments. Throughout the course, I will guide you and be there to answer your questions.

We have an strong community of other Working Artists, from all around the world, who will support you. And will continue to support you long after the course ends.

You'll be invited to the exciting Working Artist Mastermind Circles with me, Crista Cloutier. These intimate events will take place at cities around the world. (details to be announced)

And if you can't keep up, if life gets in the way, you will have access to the course material for an additional two months and lifelong access to future Working Artist sessions at no additional cost.

You can take it at your own pace or do it with the group with an investment of a few hours each week.

Look, if you're ready to create your life around making art, and you believe in your heart that this is what you must do, then do it. Take the jump. The fears and doubts are part of the job. Empower yourself and break through to the other side of success. I'll be here to help you every step of the way.

With my 110% Money-Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"This class was worth every penny - really, priceless." Taunya van der Steen-Mizel, Artist,

  • Why the way you approach prospects might be a waste of time and what you need to do instead to connect with collectors and art-world decision makers
  • What galleries really really want
  • How to avoid disaster when pricing your work
  • How to present your work so you always look professional
  • The giant myth about artist contracts and the best way to negotiate with galleries
  • The simple mistake 90% of artists make when submitting proposals and why repeating it will doom you to failure
  • How the pros create a Working Artist Kit
  • How to get more sales with secret tips that really work
  • Why your website turns visitors away and how to make one that connects with viewers
  • How to effortlessly write a business plan to create a career that feels right for you
  • The secret habits of blue-chip artists that you can implement right now
  • How to use social media in a way that feels like fun, not work
  • How to stop missing out on sales and opportunities and connect with curators, gallerists, interior designers, corporate collectors and other art-world decision makers

And much more!

If you're ready to save time, money and frustration, if you're ready to make more sales and get your work in front of the right audience, then The Working Artist is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

In one day, The Working Artist taught me what would have taken me years to figure out on my own." -Mats Persson, Artist,

  • You are a visual artist or photographer devoted to doing the work
  • You understand that continuing your education is part of the discipline of being a professional artist
  • You feel overwhelmed about how to achieve your financial goals through your art and are seeking a knowledgeable advisor
  • You're ready for a major breakthrough in your career and practice
  • You're tired of struggling and want to stop wasting time

"I have made it through the first video of The Working Artist and I have thankful tears, tears of release and tears of joy streaming down my face! You are a gift dear Crista! Thank you for your expertise! I am soaking up every word and rewinding again and again." - Jana Davis, Artist,

  • You think that money demeans art
  • You are not ready to put the "work" in working artist
  • You are still looking for that someone to "do this stuff for you" so you can just be the creative genius that you are
  • You are looking for a cookie-cutter strategy that you can easily find online for free
  • You believe the world will discover you without any work on your part

"If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, and you’re getting nowhere then you need to reassess what you are doing… The Working Artist helps people to do that." - Sarah Watts, Floral Artist,

With my 110% Money-Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All I ask is that you complete the program within the 5 weeks and submit your completed workbook and business plan.


Because I know that if you do this program you will get results. I've seen it again and again with artists all over the world. And if you don't, I promise your money back.

"As an online instructional designer working on behalf of major corporations such as Intel and Chase, I found the "Working Artist" course to be professionally excellent.  The course outline is well-planned to move the user from opening tasks to more highly developed work. This online course has flawless interactivity; engaging, accurate content; easy to follow visual composition; and relevant videos that flow seamlessly. The workbook and quizzes ensure that this valuable information gets reinforced and stored in the learner's long-term memory. The examples of the work of other artists helps us to prepare our own valuable tools as a working artist." - Roberta Smith, Instructional Designer and Working Artist - Lightsmith Multimedia, Scottsdale, AZ

You'll have access to a supportive online community of other artists at The Working Artist Network. We're all in this together.

Here, you'll be able to bring your challenges and your celebrations. You'll be able to ask for help, find resources and connect with other Working Artists all over the world.


Once you purchase The Working Artist, you'll be able to log in and take a tour behind the curtain. You can build your profile, begin to connect with the community, and watch the Introductory videoes.

When class begins, we will send you an email giving you super simple instructions to begin. Each week you'll receive a new set of lessons to dive into. If you ever have any issues, we're just an email away, ready to help.

When the session ends, you'll have another two months to complete the program. if life got in the way and slowed you down, you will always have free access to future sessions.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to The Working Artist master class, you’ll receive FREE Bonus Programs created by art-world luminaries:

Social Media for Working Artists by Susan Mumford of Be Smart About Art.
Value $125, FREE with The Working Artist

Your Story, Your Voice by Steven Sparling of The Thriving Creative
Value $125, FREE with The Working Artist

Online Marketing for Working Artists by Crista Cloutier
Value $125, FREE with The Working Artist

And more! Each session we add more FREE bonus programs with cutting-edge topics and ideas.

"The Working Artist is a professional, practical and easy-to-use course. It has tons of valuable information. It was good to know other artists are out there working on the same issues (of marketing) and it provided a community sounding board. It is obvious that Crista used her years of professional and personal experience and lots of research to put the course together." Marnelle North, Artist,

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